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Prarthana Rao, maverick mum

Hi, I'm Prarthana

Self Love Coach, Maverick Mum and all round champion for women doing motherhood, life and work their way!
I see you!
You’re balancing a hot iron while sorting out packed lunches

And you're ready to claim your spot in the sun ...
loudly, proudly and unapologetically
Living my biggest, bravest life yet!
And, in doing so,
teaching my daughters to do exactly that!

A bit more about me

Prathana (Sanskrit for prayer) is actually my middle name, one which a teacher 'strongly encouraged' me to drop because it made my name "too long". 

I grew up in India. It's almost 20 years since I left and I continue to discover how my upbringing has contributed to my experiences and perceptions in gorgeous and interesting ways. 

I have two gorgeous little girls - born almost exactly seven years apart - a spitting image of each other and yet, they couldn't be more dissimilar in behaviour if they tried.

Time with those I love, the golden crimson of autumn and old Hindi songs make me come alive.  

I love the word Maverick - it makes me want to live my biggest, bravest and most unabashedly me life! 

Smiling Prartha Rao photo in garden filled with a sunshine
Close up photo of a grass on the beach with sand and water on the backgrooud
paint stroke art
Let's get one thing straight...
  • You’re not broken
  • You don't need fixing
  • You already have what it takes
  • You are worthy, resourceful and whole

It's my mission to walk you home to
Your juiciest expression,
Your freedom,
Your Maverick! 

More than your average mummy coach! 

Portrait of Prarthana walking in London

Don't coach with me if you're looking for 

A formula 

A sitting at the guru’s feet experience

Someone who never puts a foot out of place

Please coach with me if you're looking for 

A coach with a story like yours

A thinking partner you can deeply connect with 

A mentor who knows you're the expert on your life

  • I'm real

  • I shows my shadow side

  • I'm proud of my ebbs and my flows - and share both with equal abandon

Waving hand vector icon

Hello to being human!

I believe it's this messiness that qualifies me to be your guide

My credentials 


An ICF trained coach

Hold a certificate in TA 101 

Working towards an ACC qualification 

Mentor Coach supporting aspiring coaches

A Maverick Mum here to remind you that as you're creating your children's childhood, you're also creating your own motherhood
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My story

You know that feeling of drifting aimlessly. Drifting so far out

to sea and losing grip on everything that feels safe and familiar.

I went from being a highly sought after brand and PR expert aiming high and headed for ‘success’ to shrinking into a sorry

ball of self loathing when I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave.


Multiple miscarriages made me doubt my ability to ever successfully carry and birth a baby. 


As someone who had her identity wrapped up in her profession, I don’t think I even noticed as my confidence and my sense of self walked out on me. 


I lost all self worth. Overwhelm, confusion and self doubt reigned. I lost all faith in my ability to do life in the way I knew it. 


Mum guilt found me too. 

Everything around me was selling the ‘joys of motherhood’ narrative. And no one had any wisdom to offer around the

crisis raging inside of the mums in similar situations. 

Prarthana and her daughters
 Sunburst vector art
Prarthana Rao working on laptop while sitting in a cafe

My passion to make mums feel seen, heard, nurtured and empowered to
re-write their relationship with themselves was born

Prarthanas dark silhouettes photo illusion
As an ICF trained coach and a student of the continuous evolution of the life force within us, my brand of coaching is empathetic and empowering and has been lovingly created for women like you. 


My unique approach and framework will allow you to tap into your wholeness, root yourself deep into your magical self worth and make you fall deeply and unapologetically in love with yourself, so you can live your most beautiful life. 


Guiding you to do motherhood in your uniquely courageous way truly lights me up.

If you're ready to navigate the challenges of motherhood with compassion and create a nurturing space for personal growth and self-acceptance -

I'd love to be your guide.

Raising the next generation can feel lonely

I'm here to tell you you're doing a phenomenal job


That it's possible to feel loved and appreciated every single day - I'm here to show you how.

Ready to create a life that speaks to your soul?

Giving back

Creating a better world for the next generation - one maverick mum at a time  The desire to strengthen and empower the hand that rocks the cradle is at the core of my work. I‘m of the unwavering belief that women, especially mothers, have been shortchanged by patriarchy, capitalism and status quo. And therefore the time and need to address this more obvious than ever before gender imbalance was yesterday.  And that’s why when you sign up to work with me, I contribute to a mother’s emancipation in India. And, you enable me to offer low or pro bono coaching to women who need it the most.

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