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Client Love

See what my happy clients say about working together
Myriam testimonial
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“Prarthana has helped me work through a creative block and allow more softness and self-compassion into my life as a woman and artist. I really love how safe, free and guided our conversations are.


Thank you Prarthana.”



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“As a busy working mum, juggling my own business, two boys aged 12 and 8, two dogs and a husband - guilt has been a bit part of my life since becoming a mother. Guilt for working, guilt for not being 100% present, guilt for using after school club, you get it the list is endless, and it drove me crazy!

I began my journey with Prarthana with the aim of getting to grips with this guilt, but through the process of regular calls and letting them unfold organically we went so much deeper and the outcome for me is one of empowerment. I feel confident in my new found boundaries and choices. When you dig deep, guilt is so much more.  We explored boundaries, fear, lost identify, choice and that was in just three sessions.

Prarthana is a thinking partner, she listens but also questions and challenges your thoughts, helping you to unpick your feelings, fears and loves. A cross between a therapy and a coaching session, it's fascinating where the sessions take you and every one left me feeling calmer and more at peace with myself. As well as feeling supported that I had a person to hold me to account.

Prarthana makes you feel at ease and listened to. I loved how she interpreted my body language, how she called me to account and helped me to unpick my narrative and to be confident in a new one - which will not only benefit me but my entire family.

Every Mum should have an independent thinking partner because thoughts are so much easier to unpick when they're not in your head.”


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“I had the honour of working with Prarthana in August, where we began to delve into the inner workings of my being. I am so grateful for the sessions as Prarthana created a really safe space, challenging me and supporting me.

I came away with a really clear goal and an understanding of areas I need to dig deeper. She was able to mediate my thought process with no judgement and I was able to begin developing go to tools that I can reach for when I am struggling. I think this work is so incredibly important as the more aware I am of myself, the more love and understanding I can give myself. I will take the work we did and continue it through life.”


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"Prarthana has helped me work through some very delicate issues and gain crystal clarity. I am learning what makes me tick and truly happy in my skin.


Being coached by her continues to be an invaluable experience and a real investment in myself."



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"Prarthana coached me through a very emotional realisation and listened with an exceptional amount of empathy.


I feel more powerful and better connected with my purpose with each passing day."


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"Prarthana has helped me unpack and unpick a whole load of stuff.

More compassionate with myself now, I feel able to carry on with so much more strength, hope and resilience. The best form of self care ever!"


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“Working with Prarthana was a pleasure! Before we started I was a little nervous about 1:1 coaching, because I shy away from being the focus of conversation, but I felt safe from the very first moment with Prarthana. She started each session with a relaxing meditation which left me blissful, grounded and ready to speak what was on my mind.


I love Prarthana’s holistic and caring approach to coaching. It was amazing how she helped me find within myself answers to problems I was having, blocks that were stopping me from growing in my work and showing up in my relationships. I had no idea the answers were there all along, I just needed a skilled guide like Prarthana to help me along the way.


Thanks to her coaching I realised a huge perspective shift in relation to my part-time job which has changed my motivation completely. And I learnt a lot about my time-keeping and scheduling barriers which helped me create a new structure that works for me. I can’t recommend her coaching enough, she is such a transformational presence I hope everyone has the chance to work with!”


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Conversations with Prarthana always give me plenty of food for thought. Her empathetic inquiry and insightful observations help me see what's getting in my way.

If you are ready to go deep, she is your coach.



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