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Prarthana Rao Sunburst (1)_edited_edited

Hi! If you’re watching this, chances are, when at work you’ve had to work like you don’t have children and when looking after your children you've had to pretend you don’t have a job. 

You’ve subconsciously inherited an unwritten rule book of societal dos and don'ts of what it means to be a mother. Stray too far and your inner critic perks up, reminding you to be a more present mum, whatever the demands of modern motherhood. 

The juggle feels exhausting. Time always feels short. And there is never enough capacity to add self care to a to-do list which is already as long as your arm. 

All of that is about to change! 

Hi, I'm Prarthana - I’m a Maverick Mum, a Self Love Coach, a Speaker and a Guide for mums who are ready to take themselves off that back burner. 

I support mums, all round the world to feel deeply enough as you balance the personal with the professional so motherhood feels inherently spacious. And so you find the choice, the capacity and the confidence to live your 'full' life.

My core mission is to inspire a new generation of mothers to challenge the status quo, root themselves in abundant self worth and fall deeply, compassionately and unapologetically in love with themselves ✨️❤️💪🏽

You know that feeling of drifting aimlessly. Drifting so far out
to sea that you lose your grip on everything that feels safe and familiar. That was me. 

I went from being a highly sought after brand and PR expert aiming high and headed for ‘success’ to shrinking into a sorry ball of self loathing when I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave.


Multiple miscarriages and redundancy whilst on maternity leave left me feeling unworthy, invisible, living in the shadows and drowning in not-enoughness. 


For so long, society told me that I was wrong to consider putting myself first. That taking time out to prioritise my wellbeing made me a selfish mother. I was struggling to balance the personal with the professional and it was taking its toll on my mental health and the narrative around me said - “Suck it up! That’s just how it is!”  


I was broken. I was battered. I was tired. And I knew I had to re-write my reality. And I took consistent action to change that. Spoke my truth more often and let the other people’s opinions matter less and less. 


And then one day …


“Aren’t you a bit too full of yourself?” 


Someone said to me on the Gram

It stopped me on my tracks and left me speechless! 


I wanted to be present for myself alongside being present for my children. Was I asking for too much? Did that make me selfish? 


Once I'd had a chance to process it, it dawned on me - “Of course I was Full of Myself! Who else could I possibly be full of?”


It was like something had clicked into place that day. And I haven't looked back since!

Today, the women in my world recognise such comments as a construct of patriarchy. Created to keep them feeling small, stuck and unworthy. They are committed to challenging the status quo and living their juiciest life. They know that the longest relationship they will ever have is with themselves and know how to make it count. 


Born and raised in India, I now live in London with my husband and two beautiful daughters AND supporting women to step into their juicy, ‘not-just-a-mum’ phase gives me delicious all-body tingles. 

This is your invitation to start living your biggest, bravest life yet.
The children are watching!
Prarthana Rao Sunburst (1)_edited_edited
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