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Prarthana Rao, Self Love Coach


Maverick Mum


Coaching for mothers who are ready to fall truly, madly and unapologetically in love with themselves - guilt free


Empowering you to discover your inner strength, reignite your passions and connect with your true purpose so you can lead a truly beautiful life

Hands of a woman with bracelets and rings
Picture this
You wake up day after day feeling confident, energised and ready to take on anything that comes your way

You unabashedly ask for what you want and know exactly how to get it

You're ready to disrupt the status quo and pursue your wildest dreams and deepest passions
Your future version awaits

Take my hand

I’m here to guide you towards your most joyful life

I’ve seen your future self and it’s given me tingles  

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Beautiful words from empowered mothers
Sophie, happy client of Prarthana Rao
"If you're ready to go deep..."

"Conversations with Prarthana always give me plenty of food for thought. Her empathetic inquiry and insightful observations help me see what's getting in my way.


If you are ready to go deep and come out stronger,

more resilient and more compassionate towards yourself,

she is your coach."

Happy Prarthana on a beach
Prarthana Rao outdoors on a sunny day

Hi, I'm Prarthana

A self-love coach empowering mums to love the shit out of themselves and their lives. 

I'm on a mission to guide you back to yourself, your identity, your dreams and your state of unwavering enoughness so you can start living a life abundant with self worth and rich with true purpose.


Because I know how it feels to live both a life rich in juicy overflow and dripping with purpose.


And one where you feel small, constrained and riddled with uncertainty and diminishing self worth.

Let's take the first step together

Welcome to the world of Maverick

I’m so excited you’ve found yourselves here.

This Mama, is just the beginning of your journey.

You’re in wonderful company, joining a community of like minded women who are ripping up the rule book they’ve been led to believe they have to follow. 

Women who are instead choosing to forge beautiful connections with themselves by accessing deeper layers of their inner wisdom so they can authentically create and live a life they love. 

Start here

Your journey starts here

My guilt-free coaching will take you on a journey to find your unique state of maverick - your most abundant radiant self - so you can live a live a life so lit up you create a ripple effect, for your children and women for generations to come.
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A FREE Live Masterclass

A mum’s guide to finding more choice, capacity and confidence in her life.

•Moving from exhausted to energised

• Developing a motherhood-friendly self love routine

​​• Making ambitious work and life choices from a deeply embodied space

Prarthana Rao sitting on a bench in a park

Full of Yourself

Group coaching

12 life-changing months A mamahood like no other Four life changing months of finding safety in your mind, body and soul to embody that version of you you’ve been dreaming of.

As Featured In:

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Self Love Meditation

Your window into your fullest expression

Download your Free Self Love Meditation and join The Maverick Mum Movement today!

Podcast Interviews

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