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Full of Yourself

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Of course you're meant to be
Full Of Yourself
Who else would you be full of?
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This is for you if you are ...

Wholeheartedly dedicated towards building a brave life for yourself just as you are towards enjoying their childhood

Desiring a spacious schedule where ample personal and family time are non-negotiable givens and the lovingly support so you, your needs and your desires are never an afterthought 


Fizzing with so much ambition for the life you’re building for yourself and the confidence to build it, without feeling like you’re flagging through your children’s most precious years


Convinced to your core that the love, respect and compassion you treat yourself with is directly correlated to the children you raise

This is what I call Modern Motherhood


Motherhood is beautiful, rewarding, exhilarating and profoundly fulfilling. 


And crazy hard, extremely challenging and requires  you to dig deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible. 


Add to that - the oppressive systems which are stacked against us and the innumerable forms of patriarchy - both small and big.  We have our work cut out for us. 

Of course we are mothers with responsibilities and we are also multi-faceted, living, breathing women with our own dreams, desires and aspirations. 


This is your invitation to start living your bravest, juiciest life!

The children are watching!

Prarthana with her baby
Welcome to The New Paradigm
Where being FULL OF YOURSELF is celebrated
"Prarthana has helped me work through some very delicate issues and gain crystal clarity. I am learning what makes me tick and truly happy in my skin. Being coached by her continues to be an invaluable experience and a real investment in myself."


Full Of Yourself


Prarthana sitting in front of London Eye

Self Love and Empowerment

Learn how to embrace yourself fully and unapologetically, nurturing a deep sense of self worth and confidence, through  uncovering the limiting beliefs holding you back and cultivate a mindset of self compassion and acceptance. You will learn to honour your needs, ring fence your time, prioritise your wellbeing without guilt and pave the way for profound transformation.

Balance & Prioritisation

Learn to create harmony between your personal and professional life, ensuring that both thrive alongside one another. Together, we'll identify your core values and priorities, crafting a holistic approach to time management and decision-making. Through practical strategies and mindset shifts, you'll discover how to gracefully navigate the demands of motherhood while carving out space for your dreams and passions, fostering a sense of fulfilment and joy in every aspect of your life.

Prarthana sitting on stairs outdoors
Prarthana and her daugher at the beach

Dream Realisation

This is the delicious “If anything was possible” phase. We will dive deep into your aspirations, unlock your courage to pursue the biggest, bravest dream. Whether it is to launch your own business, pursue a creative passion, or making a meaningful impact in your community. I will provide personalised guidance and support to turn your dreams into reality. From clarifying your goals to overcoming obstacles and celebrating your victories, you'll embark on a transformative journey of growth, empowerment, and limitless possibility.

Key Transformations

From "Mummy Brain" to Mindful Mastery


Say goodbye to overwhelm and scattered thoughts as you cultivate clarity, focus, and presence in your daily life. Through mindfulness practices and mindset shifts, you'll learn to quiet the chaos of and approach each day with intention and grace, reclaiming control of your thoughts and emotions.


From Putting Yourself Last to celebrating Numero Uno


Reclaim your time and energy, understanding that nurturing yourself is not selfish but essential for your well-being and the well-being of your family. Together, we'll redefine self-care beyond bubble baths and spa days, exploring the practices and rituals that truly nourish your body, mind, and soul. From setting boundaries to delegating tasks and asking for help, you'll learn to honour your needs unapologetically, fostering a deep sense of self-love and empowerment.


From Doubt to Unwavering Confidence


Silence the inner critic and step boldly into your power, embracing your unique strengths and talents without hesitation. Through transformative coaching techniques and empowering affirmations, you'll cultivate a mindset of confidence, resilience, and self-belief. No longer plagued by self-doubt or imposter syndrome, you'll embrace your worthiness and step into the world as the radiant, unstoppable force that you truly are.

The Full Of Yourself Experience includes: 

Through our one-to-one coaching sessions spanning 6 or 12 transformative sessions across 6 months, you'll embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and growth. 


Each session will start with a grounding exercise to bring you back to your body and your inner self. And then we will go deep into your uniquely intricate jigsaw of motivations, emotions, drivers and barriers, addressing your unique challenges, juicy goals and brave visions for yourself, beyond motherhood.

12 1-hour coaching call (2 a month) 

Private access to me throughout the week Monday - Thursday 

Free access to workshops delivered during our time together

Resource library of multiple self love meditations, your weekly permission slips to make pockets of time for yourself daily and a self care handbook
Photo of Prarthana Rao walking in the garden and covering her eyes from sunlight

Pay in full - £5555


3 payments of £1855


6 payments of £930

Live Your Juiciest Life Yet


  • In 6 months, I know I can support you to step out of the shadows and into the limelight

  • So you can go into 2025 as the most unstoppable and ‘full’ version of yourself!

  • Ready to officially step out of the “I’m just a mum phase”? 


“Prarthana’s ability to forge connections and create a safe haven to grow and expand within moments is incredible. To be in one of her sacred containers is divinely transformational.”

  • Can I buy the included resources and programmes separately?
    Short answer, some of them - Yes. All of them - No. Long answer: even if you could, it would cost you a fortune! The Full Of Yourself Experience is literally a program available to you at roughly XX of the total value. 

 Besides, why would you want to miss out on ALL the other benefits… like live coaching with me, the ride-or-die mamahood of your dreams and all of the other incredible resources in the learning vault that have helped my clients unearth their inner maverick and live the most radiantly rewarding life overflowing with the magic of self love? 

 Oh and I'm ALSO forgetting the guest expert sessions, community space, AND your front row seat at every new program I create over the course of our time together 😋… A Maverick Mum cannot thrive in isolation, love. She rises and thrives from being richly resourced and well-connected, and in The Full Of Yourself Experience, I'm making sure that you'll receive the highest calibre of strategy, support, community, and mentorship to grow into who you were always meant to be with unparalleled speed, ease and clarity.
  • Will there be another opportunity to join after this round?
    This round of Full Of Yourself kicks off on Monday 5 February 2024. The next cohort won't be enrolling until mid-late 2024, and when it does, the price will jump significantly. "Someday" isn't a guarantee. If you're like 'OMG Prarthana this is on my vision board'… what are you doing to make your vision a reality now? The legacy you're dreaming of won't build itself, mama. Of course you can always choose to delay your growth, turn away from the blazing knowing in your heart, and put your dreams off until "tomorrow", but we all know the truth: tomorrow is never actually tomorrow, and we're always finding one of two things: a way or an excuse. If you've read this far, I know you're here to stretch into the extraordinary possibility that awaits you NOW. Delaying will only lead to energetic stagnation and lost momentum. There is no next time. THIS is your moment to act, mama.
  • I'm not a mom yet, but I'm calling it in soon. Is this still a good fit for me?
    Yes, babe! Absolutely. 100%!! This is the exact programme I wish I could have been a part of when I was on my journey to becoming a new mama navigating the integration of Motherhood with life as I knew it! The pre-conception, conception and pregnancy phases are such rich stages of the Motherhood experience, and what better gift to give yourself than a community that reflects who you're becoming and all you're stepping into. Full Of Yourself is the culmination of everything I've learned in my 5 years as a business owner all while raising two babies and coming to terms with the loss of two babies who, as my daughter says, didn’t come to stay. But it's not only that… It's also access to my brain in real-time as I'm continuing to traverse Motherhood while being an industry pioneer, bringing groundbreaking thought leadership, growing my team, and SO much more — literally PRICELESS! There is NOTHING else like this on the market, and I don't say that lightly. Even if you're just *imagining* babies in your future, getting yourself a seat at this table now will set you up to have the most supported, nourishing, and prosperous transition into Motherhood — while also ensuring that your love for what’s important to you not only survives, but flourishes.
  • I’m a step mum/my kids are older now/I’m an empty nester - can I still join?
    Yes and yes and YES, mama!! Full Of Yourself is a space for ALL Mothers in ALL stages and seasons of Motherhood. Whether you're a stepmama or your kids are about to move out or they left your home ages ago, you're a Mother, PERIOD. Motherhood makes an indelible mark and bestows SO much rich rewiring to leverage in life - even if you didn't birth your children, or your children are transitioning from the spring to the summer of their lives, or they've long flown the nest. If you're wanting to create bigger and better results in life for yourself and you're craving a space that honours your womanly essence and identity alongside that of being a mother, I'd be so, so honoured to have you join.
  • How much access do I have to Prarthana?
    While this program is not private coaching, the access you have to me in live time is actually *insane* for this price point… Two live Q&A calls a month, more live coaching through the new and relaunched programs we run live throughout the year, and love notes, unexpected surprises and mini lessons from me throughout the year inside our community space!!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Because of the unheard of combined value of what's included inside this experience all sales are final. That said, I want you to know in your bones that this program is right for you. If you have any questions about whether or not Full Of Yourself is the right fit before you sign up, please feel free to DM me on Instagram with your concerns and I will be happy to answer your questions and give you our honest opinion on whether the program is right for you or not.
  • What time are the group coaching calls?
    Did you run out of excuses *NOT* to join The Full Of Yourself Experience, and now you're thinking you may have finally found one? 🤪 Rest assured, if you've made it all the way to the end of this page… there are no good excuses, mama. Your heart and soul are longing for this. We won't release Coaching Q&A call times before the program begins, but they'll likely fall somewhere between 10am and 3pm UK time. The guest expert times will vary. I’ve had mamas tune in with a cup of tea in their PJs whilst feeding their babies in the early morning or from different time zones late at night! And replays are always available within 24 hours if you're unable to make a call live.
  • Where do I sign up?
    At the button below. I can’t wait to support you! Something else? Email me at and let’s get this party started!
Hands of a woman with bracelets and rings

So are you ready

to become the first Full Of Yourself woman in your lineage and guide an entire new generation of self assured women to step into more of themselves? 

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